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I’ll be investing in this company,I think they are going to smash it. The Freetrade community is also quiet. If you say anything critical they close your account.

hey @JunoCasper thank you - ask us anything you want :slight_smile:

Is anything special happening with us investors ? I have invested for the second time, small amounts but hey it’s a start !!

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Hi All,

Happy customer and now investor here. I cannot wait to try out the new debit card and I have been on the waitlist for a while now. Is there any update on potential timescales for rollout?

Hi rebelspawn,

Thanks for reaching out. We are glad to hear that you are a happy customer and that you are also an investor. Your support really means a lot to us!

We are currently testing the first version of our virtual debit card, which we plan to release over the next few weeks. We don’t have yet a firm date but hopefully it’s not going to take too long! Then we will work on the physical debit card. We will keep everyone updated on our progress!

Team everup

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Any updates on the debit card?

I have noticed that the page for it and the skill game have been removed

Why is this?

I hope things are going well.


Hi Colossus :wave:

We are currently beta testing the virtual debit card, and we plan to launch it soon…

The card and game sections of the website are still there, under the Gamified Finance tab. A few months ago we have redesigned the website :hugs:

Team everup

Hi Everup Team,

I have been happily using the Debit card for a while now and it has been excellent. The only thing preventing me from using it as my default card for all transactions is the lack of Apple Pay (so I can use on physical transactions). On the main site it says that Apple Pay is due in Q1 2023 but having just received the mail about all of the coin earning changes for the debit card, I see no mention of Apple Pay. Is this still due in Q1?

I would also really like the ability to have ‘money pots’ within the app and the ability to link one of the pots to the card. I currently have one saving pot with £1000’s saved in it and every time I make a transaction on my debit card, I top up the everup account with the same amount so that my savings remain the same as before the transaction. I would prefer my card to be linked in the app to a separate ‘spending’ pot that I could then add say £200 a month to and then use for spending. This would reduce the number of transactions I have to make between my bank account and my everup account, which would be better for all parties. Hopefully I have managed to explain this well enough. Is there anywhere that feature requests can be officially logged?

Hi there,
We cannot identify your account from here. So for more specific questions you can reach us from the in app chat.
Replying to your question:
Apple and Google pay are on hold as many of our users use the free services provided by Curve or Zilch to use the card in shop. Hence we are dedicating our resources to add features to the app and the card at the moment. Nevertheless we totally understand that this should be a feature that should be implemented sooner rather than later. We intend to involve our users in the planning from March so you can decide what should come first as there are so many ideas we would like to discuss with you all.
The card plans, terms and description will change over the next few days as we implement the new card model and games.
Thanks for your question.
Please keep coming with good suggestions.

Thanks for the Quick reply. I was not aware of Curve and Zilch , so I will check them out. Thanks. I do think that for more wider adoption of the erverup card, Google and Apple Pay will be very beneficial in future though